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Year of the Talking Dog
A Hana Walker Mystery

Hana Walker, a 20-year-old journalism student, is heartbroken to learn her English fiancé’s body has been found on train tracks in Tokyo. But what seems like a tragic accident takes on a far more sinister turn when a masked man starts following her. She’s forced to rely on her wits alone to stay alive. Can she overcome the language barrier, convince the reluctant Japanese police she’s not crazy and stop a killer before a conspiracy reaches its deadly conclusion in the skyscrapers of Tokyo?

You can download the book from any Amazon site. Click on the link here for the site. The link for the Japan site is here and for the UK here. But the ebook and paperback are available on every Amazon site around the world now, just search for Year of The Talking Dog (just ignore the children’s picture books about talking dogs. They are not it.)


Zen Cover FinalThe Zen of Ranieri
A Leicester City Stress-Relieving Adult Colouring Book

Relieve the stress, and re-live the best moments, from Leicester City Football Club’s 5000-to-1 Premier League winning season with this adult colouring book.
* 18 unique colouring pages.
* Sketches of every Leicester City player who played in the 2015-16 Premier League to colour in.
* 4 traditional Japanese woodcut designs
* 18 iconic quotes from The Ranieri
* Suitable for pencils, light felt-tip pens or watercolours.
* The sound of one hand clapping not included.

Download a free PDF Zen of Ranieri sample now.

Full paperback book available at all Amazon stores, including here at, and


foreignerI am not a foreigner
A short story

A throwaway comment about foreigners opens a psychological battleground between a newlywed English husband and his Japanese mother-in-law. He probably should have known better since she is a detective for one of Shinjuku’s leading private investigation bureaus. A humorous short story only available if you sign up for the double r double f newsletter here.



Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 8.12.34 PMChildren of the Tsunami
A road trip through post-disaster Japan in words and sketches
Armed with a watercolour sketchbook and a notepad, Patrick Sherriff spoke to survivors of the tsunami, met teenagers orphaned by the disaster and people still living in temporary homes four years since the earthquake to paint a portrait of what life is like now for those who lived through Japan’s worst catastrophe for a generation.

Available at,, and the paperback edition at CreateSpace.


halflifecoverHalf Life
A Hana Walker Mystery

A missing girl. A natural disaster. A teenager who won’t give up. Hana Walker is a 19-year-old waitress who is struggling to put the pieces of her life back together after the deaths of her English father and Japanese mother. But when she decides to help a jilted American father find Emi, his beloved daughter abducted to Japan, Hana discovers that taking matters into her own hands leaves her on the wrong side of the law – and the yakuza. Now she faces her severest danger, as the country is devastated by earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Time is running out. Is her tenacity, smartphone prowess and love of natto enough to find a lost girl in a nation reeling from disaster? Can Hana stay out of the hands of the police long enough to find her before the yakuza do? Read Half Life, the thrilling debut mystery by an insightful writer on contemporary Japan.

Available at, and among others. Free if you sign up for the double r double f newsletter here.


The Short Goodbye

The Short Goodbye
Three Essays

This book is a little over 10,000 words, so shouldn’t take much more than an hour to read, but took me months to write. And while it’s a memorial to my niece, I hope it’s not mawkish, voyeuristic or over-sentimental. It is a brief journey through three cultures: American, Japanese, and my own, British, and touches on the last rites of Japan and Arkansas, at least as witnessed by me though my family members. It raises the question of whether it is better to live a short life that reaches many or a long, solitary one.

The Short Goodbye comprises an essay about travelling back to Arkansas for my niece’s funeral, the transcript of that funeral, and an essay on the death of my father-in-law in Japan.

Available at and among others.


Tower TalkScreen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.22.47 PM
TEFL text and workbooks

An integrated series of all-in-one text and workbooks for children studying English as a foreign language. Designed for class and home use, each book covers 45 lessons for a year’s syllabus. Nine books for students from age three to age 11.

Available at


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4 thoughts on “All my books

  1. When you say, “if you would like a free review” copy, do you mean “real reviewers”, i.e. people who write for the press, or would reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, or BookLikes suffice? I pretty much review everything I read on GoodReads. My reviews aren’t always to the point and seem to be mostly self-indulgent, but still, they’re reviews. I’ve only ever had one author get pissed off when I posted a review of her work, but I think that was because I clipped a bunch of her short stories from the internet and made myself an eBook.

  2. Looks like someone hacked your site,

    I got bogged down with a bunch of books I’d put on hold all becoming available at once (some as far back as last August). So, it took me a bit of time to get to “Half Life” (I only read at half the speed required for success in college). It was fun. What’s not to like about a book with natto jokes? Anyway, with luck, I’ll post a review in my normal half-assed, self-indulgent style on GoodReads in a few days. Eventually, it will show up on BookLikes as well, although that often takes time. Then, I’ll likely bug you for more of Hana.

    I hope you don’t mind, I sent a copy of “Half Life” to my son. He studied in Sapporo for a year, and then lived in Kochi prefecture for three years. He’s sure to like the natto jokes.

    1. Great. Let me know when you are up for more Hana. Year of the Talking Dog also features natto jokes, and in fact, natto proves a major plot point that saves our heroine’s, er, bacon.

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