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Half Life: a Hana Walker mystery
A missing girl. A natural disaster. A teenager who won’t give up. Hana Walker is a 19-year-old waitress who is struggling to put the pieces of her life back together after the deaths of her English father and Japanese mother. But when she decides to help a jilted American father find Emi, his beloved daughter abducted to Japan, Hana discovers that taking matters into her own hands leaves her on the wrong side of the law – and the yakuza. Now she faces her severest danger, as the country is devastated by earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Time is running out. Is her tenacity, smartphone prowess and love of natto enough to find a lost girl in a nation reeling from disaster? Can Hana stay out of the hands of the police long enough to find her before the yakuza do? Read Half Life, the thrilling debut mystery by an insightful writer on contemporary Japan.

I am not a Foreigner: a short story
A throwaway comment about foreigners opens a psychological battleground between a newlywed English husband and his Japanese mother-in-law. He probably should have known better since she is a detective for one of Shinjuku’s leading private investigation bureaus.

The Zen of Great British Footballers: A stress-relieving adult colouring book
Relieve your stress and relive the best moments of British football from Dixie Dean to Tony Adams by way of Bill Shankly and George Best.
* 9 unique colouring pages.
* Sketches of some of the greatest players to grace the pitches of Britain.
* Traditional Japanese stencil designs.
* Quotes from the masters themselves to contemplate while you colour.
* Suitable for pencils, light felt-tip pens or watercolour paints.
Sorry, but the sound of one hand clapping is not included.

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3 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. “How to Write about Japan” is really excellent; that is to say, on the money and funny, too. I had to get through “Oh, no, not another one of these” to appreciate that it wasn’t another one of these. I spent the better part of a lifetime trying to explain Japan to American audiences of all kinds, only to recognize that it was the audiences and not the Japanese (well, pretty much) that were the bigger part of the challenge. I like how you put it better.

    1. Sorry for the extremely tardy response. Thanks for your kind words. The essay was a response to seeing one-too-many of those starry-eyed posts about Japan. I do like Japan (on the whole) and there is good writing about the place. And plenty of bad writing too.

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