Direct Messages between @WalkDontRun and @Chosenname

@Chosenname Hey, Uncle Kentaro, this is Hana. No sign of Emi. But I know she is in Ishinomaki. Her English teacher told me.
9 minutes ago

@Chosenname Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture, do you know it? What should I do?
8 minutes ago

@WalkDontRun Take the shinkansen from Ueno to Sendai and an express train to Ishinomaki. You can get there before dark if you leave now.
4 minutes ago

@WalkDontRun Every city hall has a list of every resident. And maps to their house if they are foreigners. Start there.
3 minutes ago

@WalkDontRun Go. Keep moving. Momentum is on your side. Don’t stop.
2 minutes ago

@WalkDontRun Take Blackmore with you. He does have the money, right?
1 minute ago


Start the novel from Chapter 1 here or use the next/previous arrow keys to flip through the book.

That was a chapter of Half Life: A Hana Walker Mystery. I’m publishing a chapter a day in sequence on this blog to promote the book. You can buy HALF LIFE as a paperback from Create Space here or as a Kindle download from any Amazon site including links to the book here at, and

The sequel, Prime Life, is coming out in the New Year.


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