On the home front…


I’ve been posting my watercolours mostly to Facebook and occasionally to Twitter, but I thought it was time I exhibited them somewhere I might be able to keep a little control of the copyright over (on paper at least), so I figure here is as good a place as any. My long-term goal is to teach myself enough artistic technique to be able to make book covers that attract more readers than they repulse. And while I work on my brushstrokes, I’m documenting views of Abiko that I will collect and put out as a book, hopefully next year.

This Is a view of the Murakawa house just down the road that was built in the Taisho period — the 14 years or so of democracy before Hirohito and the generals took over in 1926 and led Japan to war and disaster.

In other news, Hana Walker II is coming along. I’m an hour or two away from finishing restructuring the first draft, er, strategy, then it’s hand-to-hand combat with the words, scene by scene. In the meantime, I’ve added a page to this website — Reactions —  to keep track of reviews and features about my writing.

This does wonders for morale. Mine, especially 🙂


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