The Zen of Trump available now

I’ve been pondering how best to respond to the coming presidency of Donald J. Trump, a reality in equal parts terrifying, surreal and insane, and I have concluded that the best  response, for now at least, is to embrace the absurdity. Behold, The Zen of Trump, A Stress-Relieving Adult Coloring Book.


Relieve the stress from trying to get your head round the reality of a Trump presidency with this 40-page adult colouring book.

* 16 unique colouring pages.

*16  hand-drawn sketches of iconic Trump poses.

* 4 authentic traditional Japanese stencil designs.

* 16 quotes from The Buddha to contemplate while you fill in The Donald.

Suitable for pencils, light felt-tip pens or watercolor paints. Please note, does not include the sound of one hand clapping or a middle finger raising.

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