Is it a good idea to blog about life in Japan once a week?


I’ve been meaning to blog once a week, but more than that, to have something to say that’s worth reading every week. That’s actually a tall order. Who knew? (Everyone, except you — ed.)

Given that time is our most precious finite resource, I have to prioritise, and at the moment my writing priorities are:

  1. Finish writing a textbook for Year 2 junior high school kids and publish in April.
  2. Plan out textbooks for junior high kids in Year 1 and Year 3, and publish this year.
  3. Keep cranking out the Hana Walker mystery short stories for junior high school kids every week (I’ve published the first, have the second ready to edit, and just started writing the third).
  4. Finish the first draft of the next Hana Walker novel for grown-ups this year.
  5. Write that How to Teach English in Japan book that’s been on my mind for the last few years.
  6. Keep the best stuff for my monthly newsletter, to make that the best place for readers to go to.

All the other stuff is incidental, including this blog. But I’m thinking of changing my approach to blogging (at least until I get through the junior high tasks) and instead of worrying about frequency, concentrate on quality.

So, I may skip a few weeks but double down on quality and hope to attract a few more readers that way. I’m thinking of writing an epic blog post on the pros of living in Japan from the point of view of a foreigner who’s been under the kotatsu for 10 years (yes, I’ve been here that long) that you whipper-snappers still enamoured with beer vending-machines might get something more worthwhile from, something like my epic How to Write about Japan, but a little less sarcastic and a bit more — how do you say — useful?

I’m working on it.

* * *

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