Atomic Habits by James Clear (2018)

Clear’s approach to improving your life runs something like this: focussing on results is counterproductive, instead improve your habits and the results will look after themselves. To build those habits, work on systems that reinforce good habits and that dissuade you from slipping into bad habits. Anything that relies on willpower alone will result in short-term success but ultimate failure because no one can keep willpower up without help. Do small improvements, and like compound interest on lump sums, the results will over time be impressive.

I thought Clear’s book was rather good and when I explained some of his ideas and tactics to my wife, she just looked at me with withering expression No. 12: Doesn’t everyone know this already?

Well, I didn’t and if you are like me and need some common sense spelling out to you, this here’s the book for you.

* * *

No. 14 of 100 books I intend to read and review in 2021.

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