Books to read in 2022

Rako, our latest cat. Nothing to do with books but it’s hard to photograph books I don’t have. And Saku is busy.

I make no promises, but I’d like to read the following:

Arbitrary Goal by Tamara Shopsin
Six thinking hats, Edward de Bono
The man Called Thursday, GK Chesterton,
Arora, Kim Stanley Robinson
Coffee Break Screenwriter: Writing Your Script Ten Minutes at a Time, Pilar AllesandraPhilip Kerr — more in the Bernie Gunther series!
Something on Russian impressionism!
More Eric Ambler!
Chris Hedges, the Farewell Tour
Egri, Lajos, The Art of Dramatic Writing
Amis, Martin The Rub of Time
Epstein, David Range: Why generalists triumph in a specialised world
Failure to Disrupt, Justin Reich
Unknown Male, Nicolás Obregón (a Tokyo noir)
Kevin McPherson Landscape Painting
Richard Schmid, Alla Prima II
Edgar Payne, Composition of outdoor painting
Portrait Painting, my Point of view by Michael Shane Neal

Patrick Sherriff is an Englishman who survived 13 years working for newspapers in the US, UK and Japan. Between teaching English lessons at his conversation school in Abiko, Japan, he writes and illustrates textbooks for non-native speakers of English, releases Hana Walker mystery novels, short stories, essays and a monthly newsletter  highlighting good fiction published in English about Japan. Saku’s Random Book Club is his latest project to spend more time with books.