The Fiction Formula by Sean M. Platt and Johnny Truant

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I learnt a lot about self-publishing from listening to Johnny, Sean (and Dave’s) Self-Publishing Podcast a couple of years ago and their Write, Publish, Repeat book  (my review from 2014 is here) but I felt like their podcast devolved into a prolonged sales    pitch and stopped listening. So I was glad to see they had distilled their banter into this book. It’s chatty, preferring “timeless” generalities to specific “how to” hacks, which is its strength and its weakness: There’s nothing wrong with the book, but there’s nothing particularly amazing either. However, if you are new to self-publishing or an old hand who wants to know the current norms of self-publishing fiction, it’s all here. Although, you’ll get as much value from my two blog posts “How to write a novel on a shoestring: 10 steps to get from blank screen to publishable manuscript” and “Everything you ever really need to know about marketing your book: an interview with Matthew Dons” — both free and a fraction of the length of Fiction Formula.

No. 6 of 100 books I intend to read and review in 2020.

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