The only argument I have with my wife

Look! That wicker paper towel holder is 50% off!

Her: Look! That wicker paper towel holder is 50% off!
Me: I don’t need a wicker paper towel holder. Do you need a wicker paper towel holder?
Her: No. But you might like one in the future, and this is 50% off now.
Me:  50% off what?
Her: Whatever it was before. It’s ¥1,000 now, so it must have been ¥2,000 before.
Me: I doubt it. It’s probably always been ¥1,000, they just say that it is 50% off to try to make out that it’s a bargain.
Her: Look, it has ¥2,000 crossed out in red and ¥1,000 on a price tag stuck over the top.
Me: That proves nothing. It’s just a sales gimmick to make you think it’s a bargain.
Her: You’re so cynical.
Me: Is ¥1,000 an amazingly low price for a wicker paper towel holder?
Her: It is if it’s 50% off.
Me: Look! That Fender Japan Telecaster is 50% off!
Her: I don’t like shopping with you.


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