100 English phrases for Japanese dental assistants and hygienists

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I’ve been a self-employed English teacher for 10 years now and for about nine of those, Yoshimi Katsuta has been popping over for a lesson once a week. I would never reveal what we talk about every Friday night — I believe the student-teacher dialogue is every bit as sacred as that between doctor and patient (or priest and confessor) — but let me just say she’s quite a character, and I frequently learn as much from the lessons as she does.

She’s a dentist. And one day, she suggested it would be a great thing if her Japanese staff could speak enough English to handle the occasional foreign patient who drops in for a filling or two. So I offered to teach a few English expressions to her dental assistants and hygienists,  which I’ve been doing these past three months. And then I thought it might be a good idea to turn these lessons into a book that others might find useful.

In the brave new world of self-publishing, ebooks and print on demand, we are all micro-publishers with a global reach. Sure, there may only be a few dozen folk interested in this title in the whole world, but that’s OK. This is for them. And I’ve already sold a half dozen copies to my dentist.

And here it is. That’s the Japanese site, but it’s available all around the world on the various Amazon sites.

Here’s what’s in the book:

100 basic English expressions intended for beginner English speakers working as dental assistants , hygienists or dentists in Japan, or the Japanese patient living in an English-speaking country.

• 100 basic English phraes arranged into 10 lessons
• 10 exanple role plays with Japanese translations
• Each lesson features two pages of exercises in English
• Key phrases for using the telephone
• Learn how to make appointments in English
• Practice language for filling out forms
• Perfect for home study or classroom use
• Written by two English language teachers
• Created with input from five professional dental assistants and hygenists at Katsuta Dental Clinic, Abiko, Japan.

And once again in Japanese:


• 100の基本的英語表現を10レッスンにまとめました
• 日本語の翻訳とともに10種類のロールプレイが組み込まれています
• 各レッスンで2ページの演習を行います
• 電話での会話においてすぐ使える重要なフレーズ
• 英語で予約を取るための役立つ表現
• 書類に記入するための役立つ表現
• 自己学習や教室での使用に最適
• 2人の英会話講師が執筆
• 千葉県我孫子市の勝田歯科医院の5名の歯科助手および衛生士の英会話レッスンをもとに作成された直に役立つ表現集です


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