The DIY foreign correspondent: A podcast interview with Japan self-publisher Patrick Sherriff

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I was honoured to be interviewed by the British writer and podcaster Paul Teague for Self-Publishing Journeys, his excellent podcast on all things self-publishing. The interview runs for just over an hour and covers such topics as the Quakebook charity project, the self-publishing scene in Japan, giving William Gibson a 12-hour deadline, making a fool of myself on CNN, the zen of Claudio Ranieri, why the future of English language education is in the hands of a stroppy half-Japanese, half-English teen, and how best to spend Christmas in Japan. There are tips galore for folks interested in self-publishing or anyone curious about how I got into writing books and my hopes for the future.

The interview is available on all good podcast providers or you can listen to it simply by clicking on the link at the bottom of Teague’s post about the show right here. Enjoy!